History of Coal Mining in Nova Scotia
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Louis Frost
Acadia Mine
No. 1 Mine

The Louis Frost Notes 1685 to 1962


Acadia Mine (Abandoned)

This mine, working the Acadia Seam, was situated at Westville. It was opened in the year 1866 by the Old Acadia Coal Company Limited, and operations were continued steadily until 1914, having produced during its life 2,369,713 long tons of coal.

It was abandoned by the present Acadia Coal Company in keeping with their policy of that time to centralize all the output from the Stellarton district.

Thereupon the Intercolonial Coal Mining Company Limited applied to the Government for this portion of the leasehold and were granted 518 acres, which included the slope and a strip to the North of the slope. Compensation was paid the Acadia Coal Company Limited for equipment taken over.

The Intercolonial Coal Company has since operated this mine and have drawn the slope pillars.

The Acadia Coal Company has granted the Intercolonial Coal Mining Company the right to work on a royalty basis, a small portion of their area which had remained unworked.

When the Acadia Coal Company abandoned this mine, the slope had reached 5,200 feet from the surface, the pitch averaging 27 degrees. This slope contains 16 feet of high quality coal with a dirt parting 6" to 9" thick 9 feet above the pavement.

The coal at the face of the slope when it was stopped, was still of excellent quality. There is still a large amount of coal at the foot of the basin, estimated at 8 million tons, to be worked if the area can be profitably reached. A survey in 1951 indicated that an expenditure of $2,215,400. was necessary before this coal could be worked. Since that time the workings in the Drummond mine have made the then proposed approach unworkable, and the area can only be reached by shafts nearly 3,000 feet deep which make the profitable recovery of this coal unlikely.

A borehole put down by the Government near the fan house of the abandoned Albion Colliery proved the seam at a depth of 2,842 feet. Borehole No. 104.

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