History of Coal Mining in Nova Scotia
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Louis Frost
No. 1 Mine
Acadia Mine Acadia
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The Louis Frost Notes 1685 to 1962


Acadia No. 1 Mine (Abandoned)

This mine was situated in the Albion district. The seam underlies the MacGregor Seam, the interval being sixty feet. The seam was primarily operated through crossmeasure tunnels from the MacGregor Slope, but in 1919 this slope in the Acadia No. 1 Seam was put through to the surface.

The coal where worked reached a maximum thickness of 8 feet, but near the surface and toward the West the thickness and quality of the coal deteriorated steadily.

This mine was closed in March 1921 due to trade depression, but was reopened in August 1922 and continued to operate until 1924 when it was again closed due to lack of demand for coal.

This seam is slightly inferior in quality to the overlying seams.

The mine was reopened in 1940 through crossmeasure tunnels from the MacGregor Slope to work the coal to the deep of No. 4 level, and continued to work until the MacGregor Slope was closed, due to a fire in Cassidy's Sinking in l957.

Prior to 1940 the method of working was pillar and room. Following this later opening of the mine, the method of work was principally longwall advancing, although some pillar and room was worked. In each case the panel system was adopted as a safeguard against spontaneous combustion.

The coal was undercut by radial coal cutters or longwall mining machines and bored with jackhammers of the Ingersoll-Rand type. The motive power was compressed air, supplied from the surface at the Albion Colliery.

Cars of one ton capacity were conveyed from the working sections by rope haulage or horses to the main slope, from where it was raised to the surface in trips of six cars.

The average daily output from this mine during its life was approximately 450 tons per day, and during its life as a separate colliery it produced 194,253 long tons of coal.

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