History of Coal Mining in Nova Scotia
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Miners Memorial Database
Coal Miners Killed During The Period Up To to 1870

sorted chronologically by date of incident

Surname Given Name Mine Incident Date Incident
McGilchrist J. Albion Mine November 28, 1866
McLean Alex Albion Mine December 20, 1866 Explosion of gas
McKenzie Hector Montreal & Pictou Mine February 28, 1867
Harvey Robert Albion Mine March 4, 1867
Campbell Patrick Lingan Mine March 17, 1867 Explosion of gas
White Morris Lingan Mine March 26, 1867 Explosion of gas
Forbes Andrew Albion Mine April 13, 1867 Explosion of gas
Shea James Port Hood Mine August 1, 1867
Sullivan Jno. Sydney Mine September 12, 1867
Timmons Jno. Collins Mine September 20, 1867
Timmons Peter Collins Mine September 20, 1867
Bennois John Sydney Mine October 23, 1867 Explosion of powder
McLeod Thomas Lingan Mine November 28, 1867
Reid Robert Acadia Mine January 10, 1868
Currie Angus Gowrie Mine April 23, 1868
Campbell John Acadia Mine May 22, 1868
Fraser Simon Acadia Mine July, 1868
Conway John Aspe Bay Mine August 7, 1868 Explosion of powder
McIntyre W. Sydney Mine October 22, 1868
Hickman Henry Marsh Mine January 29, 1869
Palmer Robert Marsh Mine January 29, 1869
McPherson R. Drummond Mine August 31, 1869
McDonald D. Drummond Mine September 23, 1869 Explosion of powder
McLellan A. Sydney Mine June 7, 1870
Young Thomas Drummond Mine August 23, 1870
Brennick John Sydney Mine November 11, 1870

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