History of Coal Mining in Nova Scotia
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The Springhill Mine Disaster of 1958

MESSAGE FROM THE COPYRIGHT HOLDER: This document is reproduced with permission of the copyright holder, the Province of Nova Scotia. The electronic version of this report can be used for general information purposes. For accurate reference, please consult the original publication available from the Nova Scotia Department of Natural Resources.

Two Documents Herein

  1. Proceedings of The Public Inquiry
  2. Final Report Of The Royal Commission Of Inquiry

Document 1
Proceedings of The Public Inquiry
Held in Springhill, N.S., January, 1959


Document 2
Final Report Of The Royal Commission Of Inquiry



  1. Royal Commission - Terms of Reference, Page 4
  2. Foreword, Page 6
  3. Introduction, Page 9
  4. General Information
    1. Geology of the Coalfield, Page 12
    2. Method of Work in No. 2 Mine, Page 16
    3. Convergence and Rock Tests, Page 21
    4. Conditions in the 13000, 13400, 13800 Levels of No. 2 Mine prior to October 23, 1958, Page 23
    5. The Disaster and Events leading up to it, Page 26



  1. List of Men killed in No. 2 Mine and List of men who were rescued, 4 pages.
  2. Plan of No. 2 Mine -- Springhill, Nova Scotia, 1 page.
  3. Report of Dr. J. E. Blanchard, 18 pages including 9 large diagrams.
  4. Memorandum of Fuels Division, Mines Branch, Department of Mines and Technical Surveys, Ottawa.
  5. Report of A. Brown on Rock Pressure Studies in the Mines of Springhill, Nova Scotia.
  6. Report of William F. Campbell on Deep Coal Mining in Springhill No. 2 Mine.
  7. Memorandum submitted by the Geological Survey of Canada.
  8. Notes on Various Bumps and Accompanying Plans.

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