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The operations in the Gold mines have, during the year, been conducted in the usual localities with more or less vigor according as circumstances have dictated. In some the production have remained very steady and in others it has been reduced. At the


and other localities generally associated with that district, no mining of any moment has been carried on. Prospecting in a few places has, however, been continued.


Mining in this district has been but to a small extent in comparison with former years. The principal operations have been carried on by the Ophir and the Hartfora' Companies on the lodes worked last year. They have been conducted in the usual manner and present no new or noticeable features.


The principal mining in this locality has been on the Symonds lode by the St. Andrew's Company. The operations were, for the greater part of the year, steadily carried on, but they have recently been suspended and the mine is now abandoned. The Barrel lode has also been worked, and Mr. Donaldson has continued to mine the lode opened by him last year. Operations have recently been begun by Mr. Shaffer, on the lode formerly worked by the Britannia Company.


The operations in this district, though still circumscribed in comparison with former years, have been continued by Messrs. DeWolf and others. The Union lode has until within the last three months been regularly mined by DeWolf & Co., in the usual manner. At present operations are suspended and mining has been resumed on the Brodie lode north of the Tudor. The American Hill Company's operations have been confined to the North Taylor lode.


The only mining of any moment in this district has been, as was the case last year, by the Messrs. Lawson and the Montagu Company. By the former it has been steadily pursued and carried on with much regularity. The main shaft on the Belt lode is now 240 feet deep, the east one 124 feet, and the west one 190 feet. The extent of ground stoped underhand between these shafts is 422 feet. Explorations have also been continued during the year; about 400 feet of ground to the south of the Belt lode having been cut and tunneled through. In connection with the work a ten stamp crusher is in course of erection.

The Montagu Company's operations have been chiefly on the St. Patrick lode, those on the Belt lode have been entirely suspended.


Some unsteadiness has prevailed in this locality, the operations of the Burlington Company having been suspended at the commencement of the year, and only resumed a few months ago. The mining has been on the stopes formerly worked. The Leary and South Lake lodes have also been connected by a cross tunnel. Some explorations have been made by the same Company on the North lode.

By the Strawberry Hill Company operations have been carried on with regularity on the Forrest and Dunbrack lodes, as hitherto. The works have been generally extended and are in the usual form; presenting nothing requiring special remark.

At Mooseland the Humber Company have continued their operations on the Irving lode; the eastern extremity of the property having been chiefly worked. The depth of the shafts is now 60 feet. A tunnel has also been driven eastward 125 feet from which underhand stoping is regularly carried on. A shaft has also been sunk 15 feet on the western portion of the belt, and a tunnel driven 20 feet.


The mines in this district have been worked with more or less regularity during the year, according as the operations have been attended with satisfactory results or otherwise. On the Cumminger and Dewar lodes, mining has been steadily pursued by the Wellington Company. The main shaft on the Cumminger lode is now 480 feet deep. At this depth a tunnel has been driven 200 feet to the west and the lode stoped to the old workings. On the Dewar lode the main shaft has been sunk 70 feet farther; its depth being now 170 feet, to which depth the lode has been stoped over a length of about 200 feet.

The operations of the New York and Sherbrook Companv have been on the McDaniel, the North, the Harrison, and the Sutherland lodes. On the first of these, after exploring eastward by tunnel and continuing the shafts without finding an improvement in the lode, operations have been entirely suspended. On the North lode, the depth of the main shaft is now 200 feet, and the operations, which are of the ordinary character, are steadily carried on. The shaft on the Harrison lode has been sunk to a depth of 210 feet, and the west tunnel, out of west shaft, is now 120 feet in length. On both these last named lodes the hoisting and pumping is done by steam power. Mining was continued a short time on the Sutherland lode, the shaft having been sunk to a depth of 120 feet. At present, however, all work is suspended.

By the Palmerston Company mining has been carried on with their usual energy on the lodes worked last year. On the Palmerston lode the west shaft is now 120 feet deep to which depth the stoping has been carried underhand through to the west shaft. Eastward from the east shaft 100 feet, the lode has been stoped 30 feet to the end of the tunnel. Thirty feet from the east shaft and on the east side thereof, a tunnel has been driven to the south 26 feet, which cut a belt of lodes. On this belt tunnels have been driven east and west 25 feet, and the lode has been stoped overhead to the height of 15 feet, that length, on each side of the tunnel.

In the west shaft on the same lode a tunnel has been driven west at the depth of 90 feet, for which length the lode has been stoped to a height of 35 feet.

On the eastern portion of their property the Company have sunk a shaft 80 feet on the Stryker lode, and driven tunnels east and west; the cast one being 16 feet in length and the west one 30 feet, to which length and to a height of 50 feet the lode has been stopped. North of the Stryker lode 100 feet, two shafts have also been begun on the Snow lode.

The Dominion Company have also continued their operations on the Palmerston lode; the depth of the main shaft being now 140 feet. The stoping has been carried on in the usual manner. Operations are however at present suspended.

The operations of the Caledonia Company on the Ferguson lode have been discontinued, and mining is now carried on by that company on the Caledonia or Wilson lode, about 30 feet north of the Ferguson lode. On this lode a shaft has been sunk 50 feet, and a tunnel driven in a slanting direction to the surface, the length of which is 200 feet.

Mining has recently been resumed by the Meridian Company on the Stryker lode, in which their former operations were carried on.

Two shafts have been sunk, the distance between them being 83 feet, The west shaft is now 120 feet deep, from which depth a tunnel has been driven westward 73 feet. The depth of the east shaft is 115 feet. At 50 feet in this shaft a tunnel was driven to the west shaft and the lode has been stoped to surface above the tunnel. A shaft has also been sunk about 56 feet to the north of the Stryker lode and a cross-cut driven to connect it therewith.

The Hamilton Company have continued their operations an the Ferguson lode. A tunnel has been driven from the west shaft 40 feet to the east, and the lode is now being stoned overhead. From the east shaft the tunnel has been extended eastward 55 feet, being now 115 feet in length, for which distance the lode has been stoped underhand to a depth of 40 feet. On west side of same shaft the lode is stoped to the same depth and 60 feet in length. An opening has been made by this company on the Caledonia or Wilson lode, an open cut having been made 160 feet in length and 32 feet deep.

The cross-cut that was being driven from the west shaft on the Ferguson lode has been continued and is now 120 feet to the north of that shaft. Prospecting on other lodes has been carried on during the year by various parties. On one lode, north the of Wellington, an opening has been made by Mr. James McDonald, 150 feet in length and 23 feet deep. The New York and Sherbrooke Company have begun to open a lode supposed to be the Dewar. This class of work is for the present, however, suspended.

At Cochran Hill the little that has been done has been of a prospecting character.


In this district the principal operations have been by the Eldorado and Phoenix Companies. Mining has been confined by the former Company to the belt of lodes hitherto worked. A new shaft has been sunk, and steam hoisting and pumping machinery has been substituted for horse power. The Phoenix, late Eureka, Company's operations have been on the same lode that was worked by that Company. An additional shaft has been sunk on it to the depth of the old workings ; and at a distance of 100 feet to the eastward, another has recently been begun.


The only mining of any moment in this district has been by the United Mining Association of London and the Consolidated Mining Company, nothing having been done by the Mulgrave Company. The operations of both companies are on the belt of lodes worked last year by the former Company. About eight feet only on the north side of the belt is now worked by that Company. Two shafts have been sunk 20 feet, and tunnels are being driven between them. The Consolidated company have also sunk two shafts 15 feet and begun tunnels from them.

At Country Harbour very little has been done during the year. In both localities prospecting has, however, been continued.


In this district mining has been nearly altogether suspended during the whole of the year.


By none of the Companies in this district has mining been carried on to an extent exceeding the very limited operations of last year. The Uniacke, the Westlake, the Montreal, the Queen, and a few other properties, have been partially worked, but in each case, on but a small scale.


The operations in this locality do not differ much from those of former years. Although still not worked to any extent, the results continue to be encouraging.


In this locality the operations have been prosecuted With steadiness and are being extended. Mr. Touquoy has opened two shafts on a lode, the thickness of which is ten inches. These shafts are 50 feet apart and 18 and 33 feet deep ; the lode has been stoped between them. On the same lode an open cutting has been made to the west 100 feet in length and about ten feet deep. A similar extent of work has been done on the North lode, the thickness of which is 8 inches; and the South or flat lode has also been stoped by open cut 100 feet in length and over 20 feet in depth.

On the free claim Messrs. Jennings and Wilson have sunk two shafts 34 and 35 feet deep respectively, and 60 feet apart; and have stoped the lode between them to that depth. An open cutting has also been made to the west on the same lode 108 feet in length and 4 feet deep; and one to the east 30 feet in length and 8 feet deep.

The Taylor lode, 4 inches thick, has been opened in a similar manner, 225 feet in length and 8 feet deep. Operations on the Bushing areas were discontinued for about seven months, but the discovery of some good boulders in August last induced a search for a lode, which was, after much labor discovered. This lode, the thickness of which varies from 5 to 10 inches is nearly horizontal in position, being on the crown of an anticlinal. A considerable amount of work has been done in open cuttings for drainage and exploring; three shafts have been sunk 13 feet deep and the lode has been removed over a space 70 feet by 35 feet.

Another shaft has recently been begun in which pumping gear is to be placed in connection with the Engine that works the Mill.

On the Richey lode a shaft was sank 20 feet, but operations are at present suspended on account of the quantity of water and other impediments. At the Hyde mine nothing has been done during the year.

Mining has been continued in other localities, but with the exception of these at Yarmouth and Beaver Dam, the operations are still only of a prospecting character. At Yarmouth they have been carried on pretty steadily and in the usual manner on the lode worked last year. At Beaver Dam a shaft has been sunk on a belt of lodes, the thickness of the lodes varying from 2 feet to 3 inches. Another belt south of this containing 4 lodes averaging 12 inches in thickness has also been opened; and a 15 Stamp Mill and other buildings have been erected.

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