History of Coal Mining in Nova Scotia
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Louis Frost
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The Louis Frost Notes 1685 to 1962


History of Cumberland Coal Field

The coal areas at Springhill, in common with those in other districts in Nova Scotia, were originally leased in 1825 to the General Mining Association by the Duke of York. When the lease was abrogated in 1857, having in 1849 released to the Government of Nova Scotia all its interests in the minerals of the province, the General Mining Association, as compensation for loss of rights was permitted to select and retain certain limited areas. Among these were four square miles of coal lands at Springhill.

Lack of transportation facilities prevented coal being mined other than at the outcrops by farmers for their own use, until 1870. With the prospect of rail transportation being available, a Company known as the Springhill Mining Company was formed. This Company leased from the Government certain areas outside the limits of the General Mining Association holdings, and systematic mining on a moderate scale began.

In 1878 the workings had reached the boundary of the General Mining Association area and in the following year this area was transferred through the Crown from the G. M. A. to the Springhill Mining Company.

A few years later the Springhill and Parrsboro Coal and Railway Company was organized.

These two companies were merged in 1884 under the title of the Cumberland Railway and Coal Company, which began mining on a very much larger scale.

In 1910 the Dominion Coal Company Limited absorbed the Cumberland Railway and Coal Company.

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