History of Coal Mining in Nova Scotia
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Louis Frost
Fly Yard
and Jacob

The Louis Frost Notes 1685 to 1962


Fly Pit. Yard Pit. and Jacob Pit

Harbour Seam

Prior to the sinking of Princess Colliery, the General Mining Association sunk four shaft mines near Princess Colliery shaft, to work the land area of the Harbour Seam. The areas allotted to these mines were worked out except the area allocated to the Queen Pit, which was in operation.

Fly Pit:

This mine was sunk in 1830 by the General Mining Association to the Harbour Seam, in what is now the Town of Sydney Mines.

The mine worked a small section of the seam near the outcrop. It was abandoned when the area allotted to it was worked out, and the mine was replaced by other shafts sunk in the seam further to the dip. This mine was reopened in 1917 to work a small block of coal and closed finally in 1919, having during this period produced 33,937 long tons.

Yard Pit:

This was a shaft mine sunk to the Harbour Seam in 1830 by the General Mining Association to the south of the Fly Pit. A comparatively small area was allotted to this shaft, which was 200 feet deep. The workings were to the rise of the shaft. This pit was abandoned when the Jacob Pit was opened on this seam further to the dip.

Jacob Pit:

This was a shaft mine sunk by the General Mining Association to the Harbour Seam in 1834. The shaft was 320 feet deep and was located to the dip of the Fly and Yard Pits.

The mine was worked on a room and pillar system under the land area, and remained in operation until December 15, 1854 when it was abandoned because of an inflow of water too great to be handled by the mine pumps.

Prior to the abandonment of this colliery, the Queen Pit shafts had been sunk to take care of the coal to the dip of the Jacob Pit and when this mine was abandoned, all the coal allotted to it had been worked out.

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