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Louis Frost
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The Louis Frost Notes 1685 to 1962

About The Louis Frost Notes

The Louis Frost Notes is a document that was prepared for the Dominion Coal Company Limited in the early to mid 1960's. The notes outline the historic conditions and practices in the coal mining industry in Nova Scotia. The principal author of the notes was a man by the name of Louis Frost.

Louis Frost Photo

The late Mr. Louis Frost was a Mining Engineer originally from Scotland. He came to Canada in the late 1920's and was employed as Mining Engineer at Caledonia Mine (No. 4) in Glace Bay. By the mid 1960's, he was prominent in the Dominion Coal Co. organization. There he had attained the position of Chief Mining Engineer, a position that reported directly to the company president. He was in charge of all the engineering staff and was instrumental in the introduction of mechanization in the coal mines. In addition, he served as President of the Mining Society of Nova Scotia during the term 1960 to 1961.

Mr. Frost was quite familiar with the mining operations across Nova Scotia. By way of his position, he had full access to all the information that the Dominion Coal Co. had inherited from its predecessors. In addition, he had access to government reports by the Department of Mines and information from other coal mine operators across Nova Scotia. He spent a great deal of time compiling this information in an effort to provide an historic record.

The Louis Frost Notes contains 172 pages of text on coal mining in Nova Scotia, 60 pages of related data in the form of attached statements, and a number of maps and plans. The text of the notes was clearly divided into topics that cover more than 65 individual mine sites and, in addition, other more general mining subjects. The attached statements of related data account an inventory of equipment, resources and statistics pertaining to the mining operations. The maps and plans outline the geometry of the coalfields.

The Louis Frost Notes has been carefully transcribed onto this site by way of Object Character Recognition (OCR). In order to maintain the integrity of the original document, very little of the text has been altered, except for simple typographic errors and some punctuation changes. No attempt has been made to alter the grammar and the structure of the text, which in some cases might make comprehension somewhat more difficult. In addition, no attempt has been made to verify or alter any of the technical content, as this would have a negative impact on the historic value of the notes. The information is presented here, as originally written, for the purpose of resource and reference.

The Louis Frost Notes contains references to the present tense. The reader should keep in mind that all such references are intended to represent the early 1960's.

ACKNOWLEDGMENT... The author of this web site wishes to recognize and thank the Cape Breton Development Corporation for its permission to reproduce the Loius Frost Notes. Also, a special thank you goes to Mr. George Sigut, of Coxheath, Nova Scotia, for his contribution to this introduction. Mr. Sigut worked with Mr. Frost and offered some valuable insight.

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