History of Coal Mining in Nova Scotia
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Louis Frost
No. 23
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The Louis Frost Notes 1685 to 1962

Dominion No. 23 Colliery

Gardiner Seam

The colliery was opened on the Gardiner Seam but was never in operation beyond a limited stage.

On the 17th of March 1925, the Dominion Coal Company started the deepening of No. 1-A Material shaft to the Gardiner Seam, a distance of 604 feet from the bottom of the shaft.

Boreholes indicated that the coal was 4 feet to 6 feet thick and of fairly good quality.

The sinking of the shaft was completed on November 4, 1926, the shaft having reached a total depth of 694 feet from the surface. The shaft is circular 13 ft. 6 ins. in diameter, and during the sinking a partition was maintained in the shaft for ventilation purposes.

Levels were driven East and West in the Gardiner Seam from the shaft bottom, a distance of 300 feet. This drivage proved the coal to be of inferior quality and from 43 to 47 inches thick, with a band of cannel coal, and splint about 8 inches thick next to the roof.

The coal was high in sulphur and ash, a typical analysis being: Fixed Carbon 54.44, Volatiles 32.12, Sulphur 5.59, Ash 13.44.

Operations were discontinued in 1927 and additional prospecting by boreholes about three-quarters of a mile to the rise under taken. This proved that no mineable coal under present conditions has been lost through cessation of work at this opening.

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