History of Coal Mining in Nova Scotia
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Louis Frost
in Pictou
History of

The Louis Frost Notes 1685 to 1962

In The

Store Pit
1834		Explosion in No. 3 Store Pit
1836		Explosion in No. 3 Store Pit
1838		Explosion in No. 2 Store Pit
1839		Lost by fire

Cage Pit
1858		Explosion

Cage and Bye Pits
1861		Explosion

Bye Pit
1863		Fire

Cage Pit
1864		Explosion

Bye Pit
1866		Explosion
1867		Fire
1867		Fire

Foord Pit
1869		Explosion and Fire

Forster Pit
1869		Pit on fire -- abandoned in 1870

Dalhousie Pit
1870		Pit lost by fire

Cage Pit
1870		Part of Cage Pit lost by fire
1872		Fire in pit

Foord Pit
1880		Explosion -- Foord Pit and Cage Pit lost

McBean Mine
1885		Explosion in Mine (Vale Colliery) 13 lives lost

Albion Mine
1888		Explosion in Albion Mine

MacBean Mine
1889		Lost by fire

Marsh Colliery
1892		Dynanite explosion -- 3 lives lost

Foord Pit
1892		Pit closed due to fire

English Slope
1896		Explosion - 2 boys killed, two injured

Albion Mine
1909		Fire in Albion Mine -- no lives lost.
1910		Fire in Albion Mine -- no lives lost.
1913		Fire in Albion Mine -- no lives lost.

Allan Mine
1914		Explosion in Mine.  Two lives lost

Drummond Mine
1913		Fire in Mine

MacGregor Mine
1914		Fire in Mine; no lives lost

Albion Mine
1917		Fire in Mine; no lives lost

Allan Mine
1918		Explosion in Allan Shaft
1924		Explosion in Allan Shaft)
1924		Fire in Allan Shaft     )  4 lives lost

Albion Mine
1925		Fire in mine; no lives lost

Allan Mine
l929  Feb. 10	Explosion at 9:00 P.M.  Mine sealed
      Feb. 11	Explosion at 3:00 P.M.
      Mar. 27	Mine opened
		No loss of life.

Albion Mine
1932  June 29	Fire -- Second top bord on No. 1 Balance

Allan Mine
1932  Sept. 5	Fire and Explosion after mine sealed.  No. 1
		Balance, 1500 South East level.
		No loss of life

Allan Mine
1935  Apr. 16	Explosion -- 1500 South East Main and Counter
		Levels -- 7 lives lost.

Albion Mine
1945  July 21	Fire -- Airway between the Northwest Cage level and
		the bottom of the 300 foot sinking of the Albion
		Mine in the Cage Seam.

Acadia No. 7
1944  ---	Outbreak of fire on different parts of No. 3 Counter
		Bord -- 51,000 tons coal lost.

      May	Fire believed to have originated in the Cage Seam above.
      July	Smoke discovered on the counter level of the No. 7 side
		of the fire balance.

      Nov. 8	Smoke discovered issuing from a head on the No. 7 side
		of the stopping built in May.

Allan Mine
1948  Apr. 28	Fire smell on No. 3½ Balance, No. 1 level, off the
		350 Foord Balance.  Sealed off.
      May 7	Strong fire smell outside these stoppings; moved
		1,000 ft. out level and resealed.

Allan Mine
1950  Apr. 28	Explosion at l200 S.E. Section.  7 workmen burned
      Dec. 9	No. 6 Balance, the inside workings of the 1500 S.E.
		was closed off due to fire smell.

Albion Mine
1950  ---	Sealed off the workings below No. 5 in this mine due
		to heating on No. 5½ longwall.

Allan Mine
1951  June 18	Fire, 1500 S.E. Section; mine closed December, 1951

Albion Mine
1951  Dec.	Section of Cage Seam sealed off because of heating

McGregor Mine
1951  Sept.	No. 5 Longwall sealed off due to fire breaking out
		on the bottom roadway.

McGregor Mine
1952  Jan. 19	Balance of No. 7 West Section -- 19 lives lost.
      Nov. 6	No. 6 West Sinking pillar section closed off due to
		fire smell.

McGregor Mine
1955  Jan. 21	No. 7 E. Sinking section closed off due to fire smell.

McGregor Mine
1957  Jan. 22	Fire on No. 6 West Level.  Mine abandoned and sealed
		off Feb. 5

Albion Mine
1955		Fire occurred in third seam during recovery of slope
		pillars, necessitating closing the colliery.  All
		coal worked out.

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Authored by: Louis Frost

The information contained on this site is not provided for the purpose of factual
representation. Instead, it is provided in an historical context. Every effort has
been made to ensure that this information represents the actual content of the
original document authored by Louis Frost for the Dominion Coal Company
on or around 1962. Nevertheless, no warranties are provided in any respect.

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