History of Coal Mining in Nova Scotia
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Louis Frost
No. 5 Mine
No. 3 Mine
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The Louis Frost Notes 1685 to 1962


Acadia No. 5 Mine (Abandoned)

Acadia No. 5 was opened on a small outlying basin of the MacKay Seam within the New Glasgow limits at Latitude 45 deg. - 34' - 00" North and Longitude 62 deg. - 37' - 30" West, on the Antigonish-New Glasgow Highway.

In 1920 a slope approximately 350 feet long was sunk on the seam, but the workings which were small in extent, were abandoned in 1921 due to lack of market demand for the coal.

The seam is three feet thick and the small basin in this area is practically intact. Recently a small sub-lease was granted by the Acadia Coal Company to the Linancy Coal Company to work the coal in this area. To date only a very small amount of coal has been recovered.

The basin is estimated to contain approximately 40,000 tons of coal, and during the life of the mine only 672 long tons of coal was produced, and at this time there is no market demand for the coal to warrant its reopening.

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Authored by: Louis Frost

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