History of Coal Mining in Nova Scotia
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Louis Frost
Cage Pit
Foord Pit Foster Pit

The Louis Frost Notes 1685 to 1962


Cage Pit (Abandoned)

The Cage Pit, one of the Dalhousie pits, was deepened to the Cage Seam and operation started in 1852. The workings of the mine extended along the crop of the Cage Seam to the West until the area of inferior coal was reached. Throughout the area wide rooms were driven and in some places the pillars formed by the rooms were drawn. There is no coal left in the area worked by the Cage Pit, and the coal left in the form of standing pillars fires spontaneously as soon as sufficient oxygen gets into the old workings, as it does from time to time when falls to the surface take place in the drivage nearest the outcrop.

An explosion in 1858 caused closure of the mine until 1864. Thereafter there were a number of interruptions due to fires and explosions. In 1875 tunnels from the Foord Pit were completed to the Cage Seam, which in this location was 20 feet thick.

In 1876 in order to drain the Cage Seam working into the Foord Pit, new tunnels were driven from the bottom of the Cage Pit workings. On November 12, 1880 a severe explosion and fire caused the closure of the Cage Pit and suspension of work in the Cage Seam until 1888.

In 1891 a new pair of tunnels was started off the North level of the Foord Pit and completed in 1895. Drifts connecting the Cage and Third Seams were also driven and since 1892 the Cage coal was extracted through these tunnels and the Cage Pit abandoned.

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